Plastic products

Together with you, we develop concepts for the realization of your product idea in plastic injection molding. We know the entire process chain from many years of experience and know what works cost-effectively and reliably. Our range of services covers the entire process from the initial inquiry to project planning, development and design, toolmaking, initial sampling and series production.

Mold and tool making

The key to success in plastic injection molding lies in the mold, also known as the tool. One challenge here is the movement of internal slides when closing and opening the mold at a high internal pressure of up to 1000 bar and a required service life of several million work cycles.

Molds are the heart of every injection molding production. We design, plan and manufacture injection molds in sizes up to 600 mm x 450 mm and up to 1000 kg. High precision of the individual parts and controlled temperature management are crucial.
We develop tools that are highly precise, efficient and reliable. This requires a high degree of experience as well as technical design and manufacturing expertise.

Component geometry, production parameters and mold design in harmony

In addition to the high production quality, the design of the mold and process technology is of crucial importance. The way the mold is filled with the liquid plastic and the temperature control during cooling and hardening of the material determine the quality of the molded parts. We simulate the entire injection molding production process on the computer to ensure that the selected tool design leads to efficient production with the highest quality. The aim is to ensure that the components meet the requirements for surface quality, mechanical stability and dimensional accuracy right from the start.

By using the latest simulation and analysis technologies, we support you in the development and optimization of your components in questions of material-compatible design and production.

Our ambition is to produce components that are true to shape and tools that work right from the start. We practice the entire process chain on a daily basis and know how all components interact. That is why it is important to us to understand all processes and to optimize their interaction. The use of state-of-the-art simulation and measurement technologies supports us in this.

Our Sigmasoft simulation software therefore takes into account not only the component geometry and production parameters but also the design of the casting mold. This saves you a lot of time, money and nerves, which the often common iteration loops cost. We develop components without time-consuming tool and process correction grinding.

Power meets quality

Our machinery includes injection molding machines with clamping forces of 40 – 220 tons. This allows article weights from 1 gram to 450 grams to be realized.

We support you in small and sample series or permanently with large quantities.

Fully automated production

We develop and implement the fully automated handling of finished parts, from demolding and assembly of components to quality assurance with cameras and the sorting out of faulty parts.

Other Services

We are happy to take on accompanying tasks on request, e.g:

  • Procurement of materials
  • Assembly of complete modules
  • Advice on suitable packaging
  • Storage of your injection molds