Industrial Computed Tomography

We have been testing and analyzing components in 3D using computer tomography for more than 15 years. With four of our own computer tomographs and a team of experts, we digitize components and assemblies at the highest level. We can analyze a wide range of materials. Once your component has been digitized, it is possible to carry out a variety of analyses at any time, such as a target/actual comparison, a defect analysis or a measurement of your component (creation of initial sample test reports).

Capturing 2D data

The test specimen is irradiated with X-rays. Depending on the material density and wall thickness, the penetrating radiation generates an absorption image with different gray values at the detector.


The test specimen is x-rayed from all sides. It is rotated through 360° in small steps. Each perspective produces a different X-ray image. From a few thousand images, the software reconstructs the spatial density distribution of the component with maximum precision. The result is a 3-dimensional volume model – the digital twin of the component. It also correctly depicts the internal structure of the component – non-destructively.

„We see through technology”

Our insight provides you with fast and accurate results for tool optimization, component digitization, reverse engineering, virtual product development, quality assurance and assembly control as well as damage analyses. With the help of industrial computed tomography, you can check the dimensional accuracy of your component and quickly identify the causes of shape deviations and distortion of your component. You save valuable resources in tool optimization.


Depending on the size of the component, we scan with a resolution (voxel size) of 5 µm to 150 µm and a metrological accuracy of 1/4 of the voxel size or better.

Component size

Our computer tomographs scan components up to a size of ⌀615 x 800 mm. This means that even large devices and components can be scanned.


By using different tube types and target materials, we can achieve high contrasts between the materials in your component. While we can achieve material thicknesses of up to 120 mm for plastics, we can still achieve 80 mm for aluminum and 24 mm for Inconel 718.
We are also able to reliably penetrate glass, ceramics, wood or biological samples and thus produce excellent images.
Pre-treatment of the sample – e.g. spraying reflective surfaces – is not necessary.

Your benefit

Industrial computed tomography gives you an insight into all areas of the component. Even inaccessible areas can be precisely measured. The structure of the component also becomes visible. In any case, your component remains 100% intact and no machining or destruction of the component is necessary for inspection. Sensitive components can even remain in their protective packaging.

With the digital twin, you receive a data copy of the component for the computer. We transmit the data via our own cloud instance. You can save it without loss and continue to analyze it at any later point in time, even if the component is no longer available. Any additional measurements required can simply be carried out later. This creates precise documentation and opens up new possibilities in quality assurance.

Data preparation according to your wishes: The digital twin

We supply the digital twin together with the free viewer myVGL (Software from Volume Graphics). We use the evaluation software VGSTUDIO MAX from Volume Graphics. This allows you to view your digitized component on a PC, analyse the component and carry out simple measurements yourself.

In addition, we can provide you with a wide range of data for your own investigations, simulations and for generating print data, e.g:

  • sections (.jpg, .tif)
  • DICONDE data
  • volume data (.raw)
  • triangulated surfaces (.stl)
  • reverse engineering (.stp)
  • Videos or animations for simple and clear processing and use, e.g. in presentations.

On request, we can create individual reports with evaluations, which we deliver as a digital data set.

Our computer tomographs to your service

It is possible to rentthe facilities with or without an operator by the hour or by the day.


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